Michele’s Kitchen Renovation

Michele’s Kitchen Renovation 2020-11-05T18:28:57+00:00

Project Description

After 15 years of cooking, entertaining, and living in my former kitchen, it was time for an update. As a designer who lives to design kitchens for my clients, it was such a treat to tackle my own. Just like my clients, I was faced with all the decisions. Do I gut it completely, just repaint, or somewhere in between. How much do I spend or not spend? After much thought, I landed on the idea of keeping what I loved and changing what I did not. My old built-in copper range hood was replaced with a plaster hood, stylish sconces were added in place of a couple of upper cabinets, and a marble display shelf was added below the hood to house all my favorite things. A counter cabinet tower was added for more storage and to support a drawer microwave.  White oak lower cabinets and steel cabinet doors were added to create interest in an otherwise all-white kitchen. New hardware and a marble backsplash to the ceiling were also key to the transformation. The new space has an organic yet modern feel and brings a smile to my face every time I walk into the space. Guess you can say, next to my family, nothing makes my happier than designing kitchens.